Bobby Ray, along with his wife Cathy, Pastor Assembly of Faith Church in Dallas, North Carolina. Pastor Bobby travels locally and internationally speaking and teaching on Miracles and Healings through the Word of God. He has published many books and other materials on this and many other subjects throughout God's Word. Pastor Bobby is anointed to pray for the sick and they shall recover!
Miracle & Healing Service 
February 19th, 2021
Are you looking to enroll in a College that will benefit you in all the ways of the Lord? Concerning gifts of Miracles and Healings plus more?
Miracle & Healing Bible College is for YOU!
For more info please contact
Pastor Bobby Ray @ 704-913-7053
Miracle and Healing Bible College
Live Stream Viewer and archives 
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Call 704-913-7053 for more info
 Bible College may require a code to view. If you do not have a code and are student of the college
 Please contact Pastor Bobby @ 704-913-7053 or 704-675-4301



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Genesis 25: 19, 20, 23

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